As a yoga practitioner and Portland, Oregon yoga teacher Mandy Kruger is interested in drawing from the ancient teachings and integrating them holistically into Western life in a way that does not contaminate the teachings, nor merely glean from them a spirituality that lacks true inquiry. Please note that the ‘levels’ listed serve as a general guideline, but Mandy creates a practice suitable for all levels–unless of course you are a total beginner, or have injuries.

Yoga Classes Drop-in Schedule

Yoga Immersions and Courses

North Portland Yoga

Introduction to Shadow Yoga: October 7th, 2-4:14

This will be an informative workshop discussing the foundations of the Shadow Yoga practice–the preludes as a method, lineage, and approach. We will practice the chalanas (joint warm-ups), jiva chalanas, some introductory prelude work and the breath and bandhas.

Shadow Yoga Immersion:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays

7:30-8:45 a.m

Oct 10-12th/ October 31st, Nov. 1, Nov. 2/ Nov 7-9/Nov 14-16th (put it in your calendar)

This immersion is meant to build upon the Intro to Shadow Yoga workshop and establish a good basis in the balakrama prelude. We will also explore a specific ‘seed’ asana, or seat. Students will take-away a full practice format experience of warm-ups/chalanas, prelude, asana-vinyasa and closing practice.

What is Shadow Yoga? Founded by Zhander Remete, it is a Hatha Yoga based system that prepares the physical body and awakens the subtle body to prepare for the deeper aspects of yoga. It utilizes three forms or ‘preludes’ worked in a progressive learning format to cultivate a self-practice. The preludes work to strengthen the legs, free up the limbs and torso with circling and spiraling movements, and clear the body of energetic obstructions all supported by rhythmic breathing and bandhas. So the light of our being shines forth, guiding our way.img_3525