As a yoga practitioner and Portland, Oregon yoga teacher Mandy Kruger is interested in drawing from the ancient teachings and integrating them holistically into Western life in a way that does not contaminate the teachings, nor merely glean from them a spirituality that lacks true inquiry. Please note that the ‘levels’ listed serve as a general guideline, but Mandy creates a practice suitable for all levels–unless of course you are a total beginner, or have injuries.

Yoga Classes Drop-in Schedule

Yoga Immersions and Courses

Workshop details: March 26-30th , Monday through Friday 7:15-8:30 a.m


Shadow Yoga Week Morning Intensive:

This workshop is designed as an introductory and foundational course in Shadow Yoga, its lineage and approach. Students will learn the joint mobilization warm-ups, opening stances and dynamic bone strengthening movements meant to open the spine and hips, and free up obstructions in the limbs. Students will leave the week feeling more energized, grounded and clear, with a deeper understanding of this profound and efficient form of Hatha Yoga. This course allows students to enter into any future upcoming prelude morning courses as taught by Mandy, per her discretion.

What is Shadow Yoga? Founded by Shandor Remete after many decades of dedicated study and practice.  This Hatha Yoga based system includes three specific forms or ‘preludes’ that work dynamically in circling and spiraling movements, weight bearing on the legs, warrior stances and non-tradition sun salutation forms that more safely and effectively prepare the student for more advanced limbs of Hatha Yoga. Shadow Yoga utilizes rhythmic breathing, bandhas (energetic ties) and marma (vital junctions) to awaken the subtle body, ultimately, for healing and to align with ones purpose.

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