What to Expect

Each session is tailored to the therapeutic individual needs of the client based on their particular body/mind constitution. A traditional massage table is used with sheets. Occasionally, depending on style of session we work through the clothes. Mandy has trained in styles from Ayurvedic Abyangha oil massage, Myofascial Release and Cranial Sacral to the recent completion of the ten session series of Structural Integration. Mandy has been in practice since 2006, her hands are tuned to listening.

Some treatments may involve more talking if that feels more therapeutic for the client. Other sessions may be completely in silence to allow for the client to move into the liminal zone—meaning the space between waking and sleeping. In this resting space the parasympathetic nervous system–‘rest and digest’ can be activated.

Standard Rates

  • 60 mins $90.00
  • 90 mins $120.00

Motor Vehicle / Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims accepted.