Shadow Yoga Immersions and Courses

What is Shadow Yoga? Founded by Sundernath (Shandor Remete) after many decades of dedicated study and practice.  This Hatha Yoga based system includes three specific forms or ‘preludes’ that work dynamically in circling and spiraling movements, weight bearing on the legs, warrior stances and non-traditional sun salutation forms that more safely and effectively prepare the student for more advanced limbs of Hatha Yoga. Shadow Yoga utilizes rhythmic breathing, bandhas (energetic ties) and marma (vital junctions) to awaken the subtle body, ultimately, for healing and to align with ones purpose.

Shadow Yoga Introduction
Stay tuned for April 2020 Dates of introduction and Balakrama workshop


 Shadow Yoga Private Instruction: Mandy offers private sessions in her west side Portland studio location. To find out more send Mandy a direct email:

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Introduction to Shadow Yoga

This teaches the basic fundamentals of the Hatha Yoga based system of Shadow Yoga including the opening joint warm ups called chalanas or ‘churnings.’

Bala Krama—Stepping into Strength. This prelude is a dynamic bone strengthening form. It is often taught first as it is empowering to the foundation, particularly the legs, ankles and feet. It improves respiration and teaches one to move from their center in a grounded way.

Chaya Yoddha Sanchalanam—Churning of the Shadow Warrior. This prelude uses more circling, spiraling and twisting to improve coordination with the breath cycle. It frees up the hips, waist and diaphragm and supports a healthy elimination system.

Kartikkeya Mandala—Garland of Light. This more advanced form consists of demanding stance and coordinated waist work that frees up energy in the chest, shoulders and upper body. It connects one to the more subtle articulation of the movement of the hands to increase fluidity and flexibility and distill the fluctuations of the mind. It prepares one for the seated asanas (postures).