Body Pranam

Holistic Lifestyle Restoration

This specific personalized, program is designed to meet each individual as a whole person— mind, body and psyche. In this holistic lifestyle restoration we work together to create an increase in clarity and calmness of mind, vitality and empowerment of the body, and look at those more destructive habits as potential ways to make true change. Through co-accountability and compassionate support, establishing your intentions and goals that starts with a one-month commitment to your well-being.

One month program: 625$
  • Initial consult-60 minutes. We discuss your goals and intentions. Includes dietary and nutritional habits and lifestyle assessment.
  • Program: Offer dietary plan and self-care regimen best for your constitution.
  • Two 90 minute bodywork/massage session
  • Four (once a week) private yoga sessions
  • Eight (twice a week) email check-in support